Become a volunteer

There are lots of ways you can volunteer with us. Here are just some of the things we need help with.

πŸ¦” Cleaning out in the hogspitals, feeding, and weighing hedgehogs.
πŸ¦” Help with our fundraising events
πŸ¦” Collecting Tombola
πŸ¦” Making merchandise for sale at our events.
πŸ¦” Collecting newspaper

We are happy to provide training where it is needed.

If you think you would like to volunteer with us or would like to know more about what these roles involved then feel free toΒ contact us to find out more.

Have you found a hedgehog that looks sick,

lost, injured or dehydrated?

Call us on 07469 177 090.

Make a Donation

To make sure we have the funds to continue helping hedgehogs, we’re asking you to make a contribution either financially or to our Amazon wish list.Β