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Professional Training - Level One - Caring for Hedgehogs in the Community

A one day certificated course which includes:

Training outline:

  • 9.00 am – 9.30 am: Arrival and refreshments
  • 9.30 am: Five freedoms and basic law Hedgehog Ecology
  • 11.00 am: Coffee break
  • 11.30 am Hedgehog Ecology continued
  • 12.30 pm: Handling and weighing
  • 1.30 to 2.00 pm: Lunch
  • 2.00 to 3 pm: Physical appearance, some indicators of sickness
  • 3.00 to 4.00 pm garden design for hedgehogs
  • 4.15 pm: Certification
  • 4.30 pm: Close

Tea and coffee will be provided. Please bring your own lunch. There will be an opportunity to visit and work within the rescue at this course.

Professional Training - Level Two Caring for Hedgehogs in the Community

The aim of this course is to help participants become knowledgeable advocates in their own community that will help to make positive changes within the community to Save Suffolk’s Hedgehogs. The course will build on the skills learnt in Level One and will look in more detail at hibernation, how we can act as advocates for hedgehogs in our own communities, hazards faced by hedgehogs, things that affect the hedgehogs natural behaviour, the challenges of changing attitudes in the community, research into hedgehogs, different hedgehog temperaments, Suffolk Prickles Hedgehog Rescue release policy, and hedgehog adaptation.

Tea and coffee will be provided. Please bring your own lunch. There will be an opportunity to visit and work within the rescue at this course.

Introduction to Hedgehogs


This is a day course with Suffolk Wildlife Trust giving participants a chance to learn about the history of hedgehogs, their ecology and what you can do in your garden to help.

“The feedback was great! Everyone clearly loved it, and interestingly, several commented on how fascinating they had found the history side of things, so well done you for all your hard work.” Suffolk Wildlife Trust

Intermediate Hedgehog Course

Dates TBC

Currently run in association with Suffolk Wildlife Trust as part of their adult learning programme.

This one day course will further your understanding of the most common problems faced by hedgehogs in the wild such as lungworm, ringworm, etc. It will also give you some advice about how you can work with your vet/ local rescue to help the hedgehog.

There will be an opportunity for some basic microscopy work.

This course is ideally suited to anyone that wants to further their knowledge about these wonderful creatures and may be interested in overwintering them or helping them further.

Basic Hedgehog Care

Currently run in association with Suffolk Wildlife Trust.

This course is a day course suitable for anyone who would like to know more about hedgehogs, and what we can do to help them.

The course also looks at how to tell if a hedgehog is sick and some basic things you can do to help.

Dates TBC

Courses & Talks for Children & Families


Bespoke course ideal for school groups
Age: 8-16
Price: £200

This course is aimed at children between 8 and 16 and is a one day course. The course includes three power point presentations and lots of practical fun. Subjects covered are: ecology, basic anatomy, food webs, and hibernation. Participants get a chance to either design a garden for a hedgehog or make an ideal hedgehog home using natural materials. 

This course can also be divided into separate talks of shorter lengths.


45 minute talk
Price: A minimum of £50 plus donations of kitchen roll to help us out with our hogspital supplies.

A hogtastic 45 minute talk which includes time for questions.

This talk includes; what a hedgehog eats, where it might live, what hibernation involves and what the children can do to help in their gardens. 

It is suitable for all primary ages.

Bespoke Courses​

Bespoke courses for schools, colleges, universities & local community groups

We are happy to discuss your needs with you, and will organise bespoke courses. Details of what we can offer are available on request.

We have provided bespoke courses for Easton & Otley College degree students and other educational establishments, as well as schools, WEA and Guides/Scout groups.

For Volunteers

Our Hog Nurse courses are available for volunteers that have been working with us for a year or more and are by invite only.

Hog Nurse Level One

Saturday May 11th 2024

teaches the basics of hedgehog nursing: We look at hedgehog anatomy, food and diet, health and safety, initial assessment of sick hedgehogs, and hospitalisation. This a one day course followed by 7 short modules and practical teaching. Students taking this course are expected to pass a level one theory and practical exam before moving to the next level.

Hog Nurse Level Two

Saturday 20th July 2024

Builds on the basics of Level One with a lot more detail. Our one day introduction covers Hedgehog Emergencies, The hedgehog brain and senses, Anatomy, Microscopy and parasitology. This is followed by detailed revision of the six modules and some practical application. Students taking this course are expected to pass a level two theory and practical exam before moving to the next level.

Hog Nurse Level Three

Thursday 19th September 2024

Details coming soon

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