Suffolk Prickles works tirelessly to rescue and rehabilitate hedgehogs.

The purpose of Suffolk Prickles Hedgehog Rescue (registered charity 1176194) is for the benefit of the public to further conservation and preservation of the hedgehog species by providing a rescue, care, and rehabilitation service for sick, injured or orphaned hedgehogs with the aim of releasing such hedgehogs back into the wild wherever possible.

Suffolk Prickles Hedgehog Rescue also works to advance the education of the public in the study of hedgehogs and in the care, methods of treatment, conservation and habitat of hedgehogs.

if you've found a sick or injured hedgehog

If you have found a sick. injured or orphaned hedgehog please contact us by phone on 07469 177 090.

Please don’t turn up unannounced with a rescued hog or email us about an emergency.

If it is an emergency and we are not available please phone the British Hedgehog Preservation Society 01584 890 801 for further advice.

How our Hogspitals are making a difference to our local hedgehogs

Our emergency hospital in Stonham will be the first place most of the hedgehogs are admitted to in order to be stabilised. We successfully treat around 300 hedgehogs every year. Suffolk Prickles firmly believes that every sick, injured or orphaned hedgehog should receive the highest quality care. An average stay with us will cost around £80 per hedgehog. Our rescue is run solely by volunteers who give up their free time to help out.

our patron

Our patron, Mark Murphy, has been a big part of BBC Radio Suffolk since it first launched in 1990, and actively campaigns for the protection of hedgehogs.

Make a Donation

To make sure we have the funds to continue helping hedgehogs, we’re asking you to make a contribution either financially or from our Amazon wish list. 

Let’s Get in Touch


Suffolk Prickles Hedgehog Rescue Meadow Cottage, Norwich Road, Suffolk IP14 5DT


07469 177 090 (not 24 hours)


For questions, volunteering, and sponsorship
[email protected]
For courses and educational talks
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