Adopt a Hedgehog

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Pinkie was attacked as a small juvenile by another animal and scarred for life.

Rome has had to have a back leg amputated because it was severely fractured, he is recovering well and is now having some exercise in our larger lodge pens.

Puddles has a front leg ligament injury and does not like putting weight on to her leg. We think that she caught it in some netting and injured it while trying to free herself. Hedgehog netting injuries are not uncommon, pea netting, goal netting and court netting all present problems to them if they are low on the ground.

Harry was found around during the day in very poor condition, he was severely malnourished. While he was recovering at the rescue we realised he was blind as he kept bumping into objects. Harry has a very gentle temperament and loves his food.

Cassandra was found wandering aimlessly around a churchyard in Barking, she was very thin and unwell. She has lost her sight and has spondylosis of the spine which means she finds it difficult to curl nowadays.